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Diver Training

GMC FZE Diver Training Standards

Gulf Marine Contracting FZE is an Associate Member of International Diving Schools Association (IDSA) which is currently under audit. GMC aims to be a full member of the said diving association to train international commercial divers. The IDSA Diver Training System is based on a modular approach. Each Standard, or Level of Competence, is made up from a combination of modules (see Tables below) modules may be taught in two ways : 1- Combined as an integrated course Modules may be combined to run a course leading to one of the IDSA Levels, for example, if modules A & B are combined, successful students would be eligible to receive the IDSA Level I (SCUBA quali cation). 2- Individually The order in which the elements of each Module or combination of Modules are taught may be altered to suit the facilities, staff and equipment available, provided they are progressive. Courses may be run covering the requirements of one module only, for example, a course may be run to the syllabus of Module ‘C’ for divers wishing to progress from Level 1 to Level 2.

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